Thursday, September 12, 2013


Status. 2pm
Sarah’s blood pressure during pregnancy has created a rather significant risk. Currently, she is in the maximum dosage of pitocin, but at last report wasn’t making much progress.

In order to minimize the impact of seizures, the are also administering a drug, magnesium sulfate. (I think that’s the correct name).

This drug is a major muscle relaxer but also creates the feeling of “being run over by a truck” as in a bad case of flu. Because of the labor along with the effects of the magnesium, the hospital staff wants her room to be dark, and only with Joel present.

She will remain on the magnesium for at least 24 hours after the baby is born, again, to reduce life altering impact of seizures. She will not have the baby with her during those hours. He will remain in the nursery.

They have given her an epidural, which is different than when I had one. Now they put the port in and they can add or reduce dosage throughout the process. They also don’t dose heavily enough to eliminate pain, but rather to make it tolerable.

If she doesn’t make enough progress, they will do a c section. One way or another the baby will be born today.

Baby’s vital signs are good.

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