Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013.09.12. Doing Well.

Both Are Doing Well
Finally! The post I’ve been waiting to write: “Mom and baby both doing well”.

Kidney function has returned, bowels are waking up, she had an appetite and ate for the first time in two days. (Liams kidneys and bowels, on the other hand, have not been in question for one single minute. He has performed quite nicely in both areas ��)

Sarah is out of bed for the first time and what a beautiful sight that was!

The prayers and support from each of you has made this difficult process easier. We have felt your love surrounding us each step of the way and knew many of you were ready for a road trip to come here to be a shoulder to cry on. (The Merry RoseMobile ��)

Eager for you all to meet Baby Liam…. “Group Hug!”

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