Friday, September 13, 2013


Status. Friday. 1:45pm
Thankfully, Sarah’s BP is at a grew level for her. Its good enough that the doctors have decided she does not need the magnesium today! Prayers answered!!

Her kidneys and bowels are not functioning, however, and there is no answer as to the cause. She also has been throwing up today, significant amounts, even though she hasn’t had anything to eat in two days.

She is, understandably, exhausted, but as so many of you know, hospitals with all the beeping, sounding of alarms, and nurses checking in continually doesn’t provide for much rest.

Good news: Daddy has gone to the house to shower and change, Tim is in the lobby making flight arrangements for David to come up tonight, and the other grandparents aren’t here…..that means I have Liam all to myself while Sarah naps!

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