Monday, January 4, 2016

Inspiring. Motivating. Recovering.

One of the best things about Tim's prescribed physical therapy is that it directly involves me. Because he isn't allowed to drive yet and still has to pace his workouts - walk, don't run - I can join him on his journey.

I admire him. His strength and stamina through his recovery has been most impressive. Throughout his life, he has consistently invested himself in both cardio exercise and weight training. Seriously, and at times obsessively, invested.  

To keep the prescribed walks interesting, he decided on day 1 we would visit local parks, something we had not taken time to do since we moved to the Nashville area. He has a list of parks and one by one, we are checking them off the list. While I have vetoed unpaved and steep trails (for the time being),  Franklin and Brentwood have miles and miles of safe, paved trails. Several of Franklin's trails are located on historic sites so not only do we walk, but we also learn about our town's history. Double benefit.

For now, he is "officially" limited to 2 miles at a time. Some days are better for him than others. Yesterday was the first day he walked without the cane and also attempted it without any pain medication.  Yesterday wasn't the best day. Today was better.

He is improving. And because I'm along for the ride, I'm improving too. 


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